This training is open to anyone interested to be able to practice Real Estate Service acts such as […]
Phil-Center Library is a program of Philippines Center for Real Estate Professional Studies Inc. Phil-Center believes that education […]
PhilCenter’s Real Estate Consultancy Review and Coaching in the Philippines is moving online for the 2020 examination in […]
With a total population of over 107 million Filipinos, it is reported that there are 124.2 million mobile […]
The law of supply and demand will tell us that there may be an opportunity for the Real Estate property investors in Tagaytay amidst the eruption of Taal Volcano
Making money is easier than you think, especially with the opportunities available in the Philippine Market
Real Estate is known as a lucrative source of income for many Filipinos. Through grit, diligence and hard-work, […]
“Discovering the Secrets of a Great Sales Performance” is a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Seminar geared towards brokers […]