With a total population of over 107 million Filipinos, it is reported that there are 124.2 million mobile subscriptions in the Philippines. (Yes, some people have two or more phones) 76 million people are internet users who are active on social media, and out of this 76 million, 72 million Filipinos are mobile social media users. It is not surprising therefore, that the Philippines has been dubbed as the social media capital of the world, as over two thirds of the Filipino population are active social media users.

The average time Filipinos spend using the internet is more than 10 hours, and more than 4 hours of this 10 is used on social media. To put this into perspective, around 17% of our waking lives is spent on social media, which is more than the time we spend on our religion (assuming one goes to mass once a week) or maybe even with one’s families. With the amount of time spent on social media and less and less time spent on other media outlets such as the television, the marketing trends have made a shift towards digital and social media marketing.

On the traditional sense, advertising and marketing was heavily done through the “interruption” method, where advertisements in the form of television commercials interrupt the audiences from watching their favorite television show to promote their products and remind the audience of their existence with the hopes of increasing sales. Other traditional forms of marketing may have been seemingly growing obsolete, and those that can not adapt may be left behind. The digital age has given marketers the advantage when it comes to the realization of the effectivity of their marketing strategies, and through data from social media, “interruption marketing” is deemed to be less effective than its more engaging counterparts. Target marketing has become more effective, as it delivers the message directly to an audience which is likely to be interested in the product. Through data, we have learned that people engage in our advertisements more when the advertisement appeal to their emotion, more than their logic. We have learned that photos are more effective than simple text, and that videos are the most engaging type of content. 

For marketers, data has been the tool that drives their marketing initiatives, and it is through data that there are several innovations in the creative ways to market a product to the consumer. Are you trying to get more sales? If and when you are trying to sell something, remember this: why would I buy my own product? Along with the available data from several different softwares online, the answers may be the key to your adaptation of a better marketing strategy.



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