PhilCenter currently offers reviews for the following

Review for Real Estate Broker

The Real Estate Broker is a representative of the buyer or a seller in a transaction.

Review for Real Estate Appraiser

The Real Estate Appraiser gives his or her professional opinion on the value of an asset through different methods.

Review for Real Estate Consultants

Real Estate Consultancy is the highest level of a Real Estate Service Practitioner. These professionals are experts in their own fields and offer a variety of services depending on the needs of the client

New Salesperson Training

A real estate salesperson is defined as a person employed by a broker to perform any of a number of services associated with the real estate business, including selling, buying or listing any real estate for sale, leasing or renting any property or participating in the negotiations to sell, lease, rent or build on any property

Review for Environmental Planners

Environmental Planners are concerned with the common and greater good of urban and regional developments. These professionals are experts in carefully planning developments, and are usually involved in the government.