PhilCenter’s New salesperson Training Webinar for the month of November will be held tomorrow, November 24-26 2020.

This training is open to anyone interested to be able to practice Real Estate Service acts such as selling properties for commissions legally, as this is the requirement of the Professional Regulation Commission of the Philippines to become an accredited salesperson.

Under Republic Act 9646 or the Real Estate Service Act of 2009, only Licensed Real Estate Brokers are permitted to do the following:

“… for a professional fee, commission or other valuable consideration, acts as an agent of a party in a real estate transaction to:”

  • offer
  • advertise
  • solicit
  • list
  • promote
  • mediate
  • negotiate
  • effect the meeting of the minds on:
    • the sale
    • purchase
    • exchange
    • mortgage
    • lease
    • joint venture
    • other similar transactions on real estate or any interest therein.

The definition of a Real Estate Salesperson: “a duly accredited natural person who performs service for, and in behalf of a real estate broker who is registered and licensed by the Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Service for or in expectation of a share in the commission, professional fee, compensation or other valuable consideration.”

Therefore, the accredited salesperson acts only as a representative of the Broker, which is the person solely allowed to perform the above acts mentioned.

Want to learn more? Join us and register by clicking here.



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