PhilCenter’s Real Estate Consultancy Review and Coaching in the Philippines is moving online for the 2020 examination in response to the health crisis.

With less than 300 licensed real estate consultants in the Philippines, PhilCenter has produced close to one half of half. PhilCenter garnered a 100% passing rate in 2018, while PhilCenter produced 5 out of the 7 topnotchers in 2019

Who qualifies to take the Real Estate Consultancy Licensure Examination?

Only licensed Real Estate Brokers for at least 10 years and licensed Real Estate Appraisers for at least 5 years are qualified to take the examination.

How is the exam?

The exam consists of two parts: written, and oral.

The oral part of the examination is done through a Revalida where the panelists are the members of the board of real estate. The examinee must defend their feasibility study in front of the members of the board accordingly.

Is it hard?

Depending on your level of expertise, specialization and experience, the written examination should not be too hard. PhilCenter provides a review book and a mock exam containing carefully handpicked content and formulated questions for exam preparation. The PhilCenter mentors have made themselves available to guide the students every step of the way, especially in creating the Project Feasibility Study.

Throughout the health crisis, PhilCenter hopes to guide and support aspirants and future exam takers while lessening physical contact through an online review this year.

The deadline for filing of applications for the Real Estate Consultancy Licensure Examination in 2020 is currently scheduled for November 5 2020.

To those interested, you may send an email to or call 09175596803 for more details.



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